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For more than four decades, Barco Rent-A-Truck has been attuned to the challenges confronted by contractors nationwide from Denver, Colorado, to the coasts. At Barco, we offer top-tier trucks tailored for the most demanding job sites. 

These vehicles stand out as the finest available, primed to tackle construction projects, heavy hauling, traversing inclement weather, adept at off-road journeys, and outfitted with crew cabs designed for optimal comfort. 

Discover the perfect pickup truck for the job.

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The Pickup Truck Rental Options Denver Needs

If you’re looking for a well-maintained truck rental in Denver, Barco offers reliable ½ ton, ¾ ton, and 1-ton trucks that make meeting deadlines a breeze. Our four-wheel drive trucks come with premium tow packages so you can transport your equipment throughout Denver without slowing you down.

Browse Barco’s pickup truck rental Denver options.

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¾ Ton Heavy-Duty Diesel Pickup Truck Rentals

When you need a truck that can handle large-scale projects, our ¾ ton pickup rentals offer powerful engines and towing capabilities, perfect for towing trailers. Our truck rentals make getting your job done in Denver a breeze.

¾ ton pickup truck rentals are ideal when you need a larger cab, more bed space, and an engine capable of heavier lifts.

Ram 2500

Ram 2500

Brand New 2023 Crew Cab 4x4 Truck

chevy 2500

Chevrolet 2500
Silverado LTZ

Brand New 2023 Crew Cab 4x4 Truck

½ Ton Pickup Truck Rentals

Lighter job loads that don’t require heavy lifting are best left to our ½ ton pickup trucks. These trucks come with the four-wheel drive you find in other trucks but are more efficient if you’re working on medium-sized projects that require you to transport equipment around Denver.

Navigate Denver’s roads comfortably all season long with our ½ ton pickups.

Ram 1500

Ram 1500

Brand New 2023 Crew Cab 4x4 Truck
Chevy 1500

Chevrolet Silverado
1500 LT Trail Boss

Brand New 2023 Crew Cab 4x4 Truck

1 Ton Flatbed Truck Rentals

If you need more intense towing capabilities, look no further than Barco’s 1-ton pickup truck rentals. These trucks come with flatbeds and a gooseneck hitch that allow for carrying heavy equipment across Denver and are spacious enough to travel with groups.

Browse Barco’s selection of 2,000-pound pickups.

Ram Flatbed

RAM 3500

Brand New 2024 Crew Cab 4x4 Truck

Online Truck Rental Denver, Colorado

Don’t stress about leaving your Denver job site; we’ll bring our trucks straight to you. 

Barco’s delivery and pickup system makes us a preferred choice for truck rental options in Denver. It doesn’t matter where you are in the United States; we will deliver our pickup truck rentals to any state. If you’re working in Denver but need to travel to the coast during your project, you can save time by returning your pickup rental there. 

With the help of our logistics professionals, we work with preferred transporters across the country to make sure you receive your truck rentals as quickly as possible and in excellent condition. Our competitive delivery and pickup pricing ensures you don’t overpay on transport fees. 

Take the stress out of renting a truck in Denver, Colorado, with Barco Rent-A-Truck.

Questions About Pickup Truck Rental in Denver?

What Towing Capacities Do You Offer?

Our selection of trucks comes with the following towing capabilities: 

  • ½ Ton Trucks: Up to 12,750 pounds
  • ¾ Ton Trucks: Up to 19,780 pounds
  • 1 Ton Flatbed Trucks: Up to 37,090 pounds
What Are The Mile Restrictions On Your Rentals?

There is no mile restriction on our rental trucks, but you are allotted a specific number of free miles, after which you will be charged for additional miles put on the vehicle. 

These miles are charged based on overall use and rental duration. For example, driving more some months and fewer others can offset additional miles since we calculate by dividing your total mileage by the total number of months you had the truck.

How Long Can I Rent For?

Our Denver truck rentals are month to month, with a minimum rental requirement of 1 month. However, there is no maximum truck rental time, and you can keep the rental for as long as you need. When getting a quote, Let us know how long you think you’ll need your rental.

What Are Common Pickup Truck Rental Denver Prices?

Denver truck rentals vary throughout the year. Planning your rental period helps lock in rates, and our price match guarantee ensures you get the best deal on our trucks. If you find a similar make, model, and year for cheaper, we’ll match the price.

What Is The Limit On The Number Of Trucks I Can Rent?

You can rent anywhere from 1 to 20+ trucks from us. Let us know how many you need when getting a quote, and we can accommodate your request.

If your question isn’t listed here, feel free to browse other commonly asked questions here.

Choose Barco for Pickup Truck Rentals in Denver

A Truck For Any Job 

Whether you operate in the infrastructure, government, solar, engineering, environmental, or construction sectors, our trucks offer the best performance. 

The convenience of effortlessly securing the right truck for your project lets you concentrate on getting the job done.

RAM truck on a road with the setting sun in the background

Easy Pick-ups and Drop-offs

You never know where the job will take you. Our nationwide pickup and delivery lets you take your rental anywhere in the United States without having to worry about returning to one location. Whether you’re in Denver or working in the South Central region, we’ll pick up your rental when you’re done — all you have to worry about is your work. 

Barco’s month-to-month rental model and price match guarantee allow you to only pay for the time you have the truck and never overpay for a rental.

Ensuring a Safe Ride 

At Barco, our goal is to keep you and your workers safe by taking care of issues like flat tires, mechanical breakdowns, and other roadside emergencies with our full manufacturer’s warranty and 24/7 roadside assistance.