Colorado Truck Rental with Barco

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Fleet truck rental in Colorado has never been easier, more convenient, or more tailored to your company’s unique needs. Barco truck rentals are designed to help you get the work done quickly and efficiently. We offer a range of fleet truck options for you to select from—based on the type of work you need done. 

Colorado is known for being mountainous or hilly with plains in high desert lands. If you’re working in the Denver area’s plains and hilly surroundings, you’ll need a vehicle that can tackle the ups and downs. The higher elevation in Colorado Springs keeps things drier, so you’ll want a vehicle with plenty of traction on the dusty roads. Grand Junction is classified as high desert land, so you’ll want a vehicle that can travel for long distances and handle the summer heat, while still towing and pulling. With Greeley only being an hour away from Colorado’s capital, you’ll want a vehicle that can travel short or long distances. Pueblo is considered semi-arid desert land, so you’ll want a vehicle that can go on any terrain. 

Barco is equipped with vehicles to help out in any given situation you might encounter in Colorado.  

Benefits of Barco Fleet Truck Rental in Colorado

Take a look at a few of the many reasons Barco is the perfect fleet truck rental:


Barco trucks are the perfect fit for work in industries like infrastructure, government, solar, engineering, environmental, telecom, construction, and any other similar field. We offer a range of vehicles to select from based on your company’s needs. 


Our set-up is highly convenient and tailored to make your life and work easier. We offer nationwide pick up and delivery, meaning wherever you are in the country, we will bring your truck rentals directly to you or pick them up directly from you. In addition, our trucks are rented month-to-month so that you don’t have to pay for a truck you don’t need and so that you can get more trucks to fill your needs quickly. We also have a price match guarantee. 


Our trucks come with a full manufacturer’s warranty and 24/7 roadside assistance. Should you or your team be stranded without gas, have a tire blow, or have any similar situation, we’re available to help. 

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