The Best Fleet Truck Rental in California

Interstate road sign illustration with the map of California.

Monthly Truck Rental in California

One of the many advantages of corporate truck rental is the benefit of flexibility. Every rental contract is designed on a month-to-month basis, which means if your needs change, your fleet can too. Not only will you be able to save on the cost of purchasing and maintaining your own fleet, but you can reduce or increase the size of your fleet each month.

Corporate Truck Rental for Any Job

Sunny California is known for many great products and services, from renewable energy to magical theme parks. Whether your job is in wind, solar, pipelines, telecom, or construction, California truck rentals for your jobsite will exceed your expectations. Barco can help sustainability efforts by helping you use only the trucks you need, when you need them.

Trucks That Get the Job Done

In addition to nationwide delivery and pickup, your fleet truck rental in California includes 24/7 roadside assistance, and each truck is equipped with four-wheel drive and towing capabilities. We also carry only new models, so you can be sure you are getting the best options available at any time. 

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