Fleet Truck Rentals in Alabama

Mobile, Alabama USA - March 30, 2016: Welcome sign entering the state of Alabama westbound from Florida along Interstate 10 near Mobile.

When you go with Barco Rent-A-Truck for your fleet truck rentals in Alabama, you’ll be enjoying a great many benefits and conveniences you won’t get from any other rental company. While you’re trying to build up your fleet of trucks, trust us to provide you with a range of 4×4 pickup trucks perfectly suited to your needs. 

Why Choose Barco Rent-A-Truck?

Creating your own fleet costs a lot in terms of money and time. Barco Rent-A-Truck cuts out the middleman and provides you with the trucks you need to get the work done. 

Excellent Safety Features

Truck rentals in Alabama come with several safety features you and your crew will enjoy for as long as you’re working with our trucks. These include 24/7 roadside assistance, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and a full manufacturer’s warranty. 

Are you looking for truck rentals in Birmingham, Alabama? We’ve got you covered. Our trucks can handle any rough terrain during the wet, stormy seasons, as well as the elevation of the Appalachian Mountains around Huntsville and the gently sloping areas in and around Montgomery. 

Get Your Rental Anywhere in the Continental United States

We also offer nationwide delivery and pickup for any of our truck rentals in the continental United States. This means no matter where you are in the country or just in Alabama, we will come to you to pick up or deliver your rental. 

Do Your Part to Preserve the Earth with Barco Rent-A-Truck

We operate on a month-to-month renting cycle. This method allows us to help companies have just the right number of trucks they need for their work out on the roads, keeping the air just a little cleaner and our planet a little greener.  

Contact Us Today 

Contact us today for your free quote on truck rentals in Alabama. We look forward to helping you build out your fleet and get your work done with ease.