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1 Ton Flatbed Truck Rentals

Highlighted Features

Vehicle Features

  • 6.7 Cummins (Diesel)
  • 6 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • 9′ Flatbed
  • 4X4
  • Crew Cab
  • Dual Rear Wheels (Dually)

Interior Features

  • Six Passenger Seating
  • Power Windows & Locks
  • Keyless Entry
  • Cruise Control
  • Air Conditioning

Towing Features

  • B&W Gooseneck Hitch
  • B&W Steel Drop Hitch with Full Access Receiver
  • Electric Brake Controller
  • Exhaust Brake
  • Tow Mirrors

2024 Ram 1-Ton Dually Flatbed Rental Truck

Find all the rental trucks you need for any size of job with Barco Rent-A-Truck. We’ll bring your work trucks to you anywhere in the United States and pick them up when you’re finished, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Save time and money on your fleet truck inventory by renting only what you need when you need it. We have several sizes of trucks to fit your unique needs. If you’re looking for pickups, check out our 1/2 Ton Pickups and 3/4 Ton Pickups.

If you need to haul a work crew and oversized equipment, we have the perfect truck for you. The 1-Ton Flatbed seats six crew members comfortably and has a flatbed to haul oversized and oddly shaped equipment. Our 1-Ton Flatbed truck comes standard with 4×4 and a top-of-the-line towing package.

The safety of your crew is our top priority, which is why we equip only the newest models of work trucks and provide you with 24-hour roadside assistance.

Features of 1-Ton Flatbed Trucks

The 1-Ton Flatbed truck comes equipped with all the essential features you would expect from top-of-the-line work trucks, and then some.

  • 9’ bed
  • B&W gooseneck
  • B&W rear receiving hitch
  • exhaust brake
  • towing mirrors 
  • Keyless entry
  • Six-passenger seating
  • Dually (DRW)
  • And more

No Job Too Big or Too Small

Our trucks are outfitted to handle any job. If a 1-Ton Flatbed truck is too big for your needs, we have ¾-Ton rental trucks and ½-Ton rental trucks available.

We rent many sizes of pickup trucks, from our mid-size ½-Ton trucks and ¾-Ton trucks to our big truck rentals: 1-Ton flatbed  trucks.

Monthly Truck Rental

Barco truck rentals are on a month-to-month basis, which means you can add to or subtract from your fleet as needed. There is no need to waste resources on trucks you don’t need or worry about whether your fleet is too small. 


With Barco truck rentals, you can even use magnets or decals to incorporate your company’s logo on the trucks while you use them. Just because your fleet is made up of rental trucks doesn’t mean they can’t look professional and let everyone know exactly who you represent.

Contact Barco Rent-A-Truck for Work Truck Rental

Contact Barco today to learn more about how we can help you get the fleet truck rental you need. Ask about our 1-Ton flatbed rentals for your next job.

Transporting building materials

Transporting building materials such as lumber, scaffolding, concrete, steel beams, or bricks can be quite the challenge. Flatbed trucks are highly practical for these situations because they are easily loaded and unloaded by crane or even by hand if the materials are capable of being lifted. If trusses are utilized, some materials can hang over the edge of the truck, allowing for easier transportation.

Hauling equipment

Flatbeds are frequently used for hauling tractors, construction equipment, military equipment and other heavy machinery. In rural areas, it is not uncommon to see a flatbed truck hauling farm equipment. Flatbeds can also haul passenger vehicles to job sites..

Baled tires

Tire bales are used to help eliminate the waste of tires and find new uses for tires that can no longer be used. These tire bales are compressed tires that get banded together with wire and repurposed for other uses, such as road fill, construction, erosion control, terraces, retaining walls and more. Flatbed trucks are an ideal means of transporting tires because of their size and weight—a single bale usually contains 100 tires, and can weigh a ton or more.

Transporting scraps from job sites

Construction companies, builders and other industries often rent or hire a flatbed service to remove wood, concrete, scrap metal, and other construction materials from a job site. The materials are often taken to recycling facilities, where they can be sold and repurposed. They are even sometimes directly purchased by other builders or companies. Flatbed trucks load and unload much easier than other trucks, which makes them ideal for hauling scrap materials away from job sites..


Landscaping companies have found flatbed transportation carriers to be a critical part of their day to day operations. These trucks are ideal for hauling large items such as landscaping tools, oversized trees, and various sizes of timber that can become challenging with other trucks. Flatbed trucks are ideal when it comes to hauling these items. Most flatbed trucks have a bed length of 12 to 20 feet. Combined with the absence of sides and a roof makes it possible to haul just about any object. Landscapers can easily remove trees and other waste products such as yard scraps and tree trimmings from the worksite.

Other hauling needs

Pretty much anything you need to be hauled can be transported on a flatbed truck.


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