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There is an old debate among construction workers: rent your equipment or buy it? And it’s not a simple choice to make. Various factors play into the decision. Which is going to be the most affordable? Which option makes the most sense for the kind of work we’ll be doing? Will one help us save money on taxes more than the other? 

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of pickup truck rental vs. purchasing a pickup truck and dive a bit deeper into why your commercial truck rental from Barco Rent-A-Truck will make the perfect addition to your construction projects. 

Why Rent a Pickup Truck?

Take a look at some of the main reasons why finding a commercial truck rental near you might just be the best choice you could make for your construction team and company: 

  • Fuel Efficiency: The newer truck models you’ll rent are going to be in better shape than older trucks you’ve bought and used for years. Get better gas mileage and fuel efficiency, in particular, with a rented truck. 
  • Latest and Greatest: Newer trucks come with additional perks you won’t enjoy with older models. For instance, a pickup truck rental from Barco-Rent-A-Truck has Bluetooth wireless connection for hands-free communication, and a backup camera. With both of these features, your team will be better equipped to be safe as they get their work done.
  • Meet Needs Quickly: Renting a truck is usually faster than buying it. And with Barco Rent-A-Truck, you can enjoy nationwide delivery and pickup. We’ll bring your truck rental to your exact location, anywhere in the continental United States. 
  • Flexibility: Your truck rental can be tailored to your exact project needs. Select from any of our various models, and you’ll be equipped with the towing capacity, storage space, and horsepower you need for your work.
  • Trial Run: Renting a pickup truck for your construction projects is a great way to see how you like the make and model. If your company potentially wants to buy its own fleet of trucks, renting is the perfect place to start. By renting, you can see the truck in action and determine if it’s the sort of make and model you want to ultimately invest in. 
  • Convenience: Should one of your existing trucks break down, you can conveniently rent another vehicle quickly. This way, you save time and money without sacrificing your projects or getting behind on work. 

Buying Your Pickup Truck vs. Commercial Truck Rental

Buying your pickup truck can be useful. You’ll always have a truck on hand to tackle various projects and tasks. However, that is about the only perk you’ll enjoy when you spend thousands upfront on a pickup truck. 

A commercial truck rental will have several benefits you won’t enjoy if you purchase the truck outright. These include the above-listed perks as well as financial flexibility. One of the biggest considerations has to do with money. What is your budget like? How much can you afford to spend on trucks? 

Buying brand new or even used trucks is going to cost a great deal of money upfront. Renting them, especially with Barco Rent-A-Truck’s month-to-month rental policy, is going to cost significantly less. And the month-to-month rental allows you to switch out trucks or add or get rid of trucks as the scope and span of projects change. This way, you won’t have spent thousands of dollars on new trucks that could become obsolete or unneeded. 

Pickup Trucks and Construction

Renting your pickup truck for construction projects is a smart move to make. Trucks can carry, tow, and stow lots of equipment at one time. Most construction projects require certain types of equipment to be used. Pickup trucks can tow heavy equipment behind them while stowing all the tools you’ll need for the project at the same time. 

Rent a Pickup Truck from Barco Rent-A-Truck

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