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Properly managing a truck fleet can lead to excellent and even amazing results for a company. Without a good manager, business operations and organization won’t run smoothly. Fleet truck manager truly is a crucial role that needs to be filled by the right candidate who can manage and excel at all the work the position entails. 

Whether you’re currently managing a truck fleet or looking to get a job in that field, our suggestions for good qualities and traits to look for in a manager is a great place to start. We’ll go through the top five traits of a good manager, plus five challenges a manager needs to watch out for. 

Traits of a Good Fleet Manager

There are countless traits you could list here. We’ve chosen these five traits of a good fleet manager because they’re essential, foundational, and can be improved upon throughout a career.

1. Leads By Example 

An excellent fleet truck manager leads by example. If you want your team to run smoothly and efficiently, show them how much you care about them by participating in the process. Lend a hand and be helpful to anyone and everyone. 

Do you want your team to be inspired and excited to tackle each day? Be inspiring and encourage them to get excited about the work they’re doing. 

Team members thrive in environments where they are praised and noticed for good work. The more you strive to create an environment that supports this, the more positive results you’ll enjoy from your team. 

2. Listens to Team Members

You might be the leader, but a good leader considers themselves one of the team. They don’t place themselves above their crew, and they work to make the team successful just like everyone else. 

Team members need to know they are valued. A good manager knows that investing in their team is the most worthwhile investment they can make. Do all you can to encourage an atmosphere of trust, respect, and openness, and the team will thrive. 

3. Has a Vision for the Company

High-quality leaders have short- and long-term goals or visions for the company. The best leaders can effectively communicate those visions to team members and get them excited and passionate about the end goals. 

Long-term motivation can be difficult to cultivate, but it is very rewarding. A fleet manager who can effectively get their team to buy into their vision is irreplaceable.

4. Has Excellent Time Management Skills

Managers have to be good at managing any number of different tasks and jobs. Arguably, the most important of these is time. Good time management means recognizing what is essential and prioritizing that over less important tasks that seem urgent. 

5. Is Open to New Ideas and Options

A truly excellent fleet truck manager is going to be open to new ideas and changes. Developing a pattern and love for lifelong learning will enhance your ability to take on changes in the company with no issues or qualms. 

A good manager will take the time to invest in their understanding of the company and actively seek out new ways to improve both their team and the organization. 

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What to Watch Out for When Running a Fleet

As a fleet manager, you’re going to be in a position of power. This can be a good or bad thing. Your potential for influence, change, and team building in the company are nearly limitless. Still, you’re also in a position to be pulled in any number of directions as problems and issues arise. 

Below are five things to watch out for when running a fleet that will help you stay on task and ultimately do your job well. 

1. Arguments and Discord Among Team Members

Part of your job as the fleet manager will be to dispel discord and arguments among team members. While some conflict is normal and expected, the more your team has bonded, the better they’ll function as a unit. 

2. Lack of Collaboration

Good fleet managers collaborate with stakeholders to develop internal value and improve the business. This might seem like a minor priority, but it can make a world of difference in enhancing company image and worth. 

3. Lack of Goals

Goals are benchmarks for productivity. If you lack goals within your business, the company will not thrive or excel as it could. Take the time to implement goals and evaluate how effective they were. Continually set new ones, evaluating as you go, and you’ll see results. 

4. Avoidance of Current Trends

Fleet trucks might not seem like an area of work that is subject to changes or trends, but it is. If you don’t keep up with current trends in how fleets operate around the world, you might just miss out on the way to grow the business and increase revenue. 

5. Lack of Planning

A well-thought-out strategic plan can optimize every facet of the inner workings of the company. No plan or very little planning can lead to the opposite effect. A good fleet manager has a strategic plan for every part of the job, including renting new vehicles, maintaining existing vehicles, training drivers, etc. 

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