Many service-based companies have seen an upward surge in their business, with high demand for their products and services. While this is good for a business’s health, increased demand often leads to bottlenecks in one form or another. Many service-based companies are desperate for trucks. 

The Chip Shortage

What do monthly truck rental and shortage of trucks have to do with the computer chip shortage? Computer chips are used in everything from phones to engines. Global supply chains depend on steps in the manufacturing and transportation process to get a good or product from one location to the next. 

This system works well to keep companies and businesses profitable as goods and products are manufactured and shipped to the areas in demand. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted vehicle production and increased the need for computer chips for virtual work and schooling. 

Why Aren’t People Purchasing Vehicles?

The lack of vehicle production and redirection of computer chips to other items in higher demand resulted in a scarcity of new vehicles. Dealerships had fewer options, and prices for said options were high because dealerships were still trying to turn a profit with severely decreased inventory. 

Manufacturers prioritized certain vehicles over others, leaving service-based businesses with options that weren’t necessarily the right fit for their work. This has resulted in companies turning toward long-term truck rentals as a solution. 

Alternatives to Purchasing: Long-term Truck Rental

While vehicle production has picked up since the computer chip shortage first became known, newly manufactured vehicles have continued to cost more on average. Renting a truck or multiple trucks for your company is the perfect solution to these continued vehicle manufacturing and pricing issues. 

A fleet truck rental is ready to go the moment you need it. Contracts allow you to use the vehicle for some time without the high cost of paying for a new truck upfront. Save money, time, energy, and effort by choosing a reliable rental truck company to provide you and your team with the necessary vehicles to get your work done. 

Why Rent a Truck from Barco Rent-A-Truck?

Barco Rent-A-Truck offers fleet truck rentals that stand apart from other rental companies. We’ve tailored our business to be simple, straightforward, and beneficial for our clients. Take a look at the benefits you’ll enjoy with us:

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: Things happen on the road. We understand that, so we offer 24/7 roadside assistance for all clients. This feature is available free of any additional charge to anyone renting a truck from us.
  • Nationwide Delivery and Pickup: You’re busy. We want to make it easy for you to get to work without hassles so that we will deliver and pick up your fleet truck rentals from us anywhere in the continental United States. 
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: It’s not your job to worry about the functionality of our trucks—it’s ours. Our truck rentals all come with the full manufacturer’s warranty, which protects you from any additional charges in the event of a mechanical failure. 
  • Month-to-Month Rentals: Unlike with competitors, when you rent a truck from us, you’ll enjoy month-to-month renting privileges. You can return or request more truck rentals each month after evaluating the exact number you need. You won’t be stuck with additional trucks you aren’t using for the duration of a year-long contract, and you’ll be able to request more truck rentals if work picks up unexpectedly. 

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