Everything can change like that. If we didn’t believe that a few years ago, we certainly all know it for a fact now. And for businesses, that means that the ability to make decisions quickly and scale your offerings might mean the difference between success and failure. 

Commercial truck rental makes a lot of sense for various companies across the board, providing them with the flexibility to scale their operations if necessary. Many companies also operate on cyclical working patterns that trade heavy on-season work with weeks, if not months, of off-season work. 

How do you know if your business could benefit from a work truck rental? We’re here to answer that question. Barco Truck’s nationwide fleet serves all types of industries, from engineering and infrastructure to utilities and energy. No matter the size of business, from small contractors to Fortune 500 companies and government entities, our rental fleet is ready to meet your needs. Read on to see some top industries that can benefit from renting a truck for their work. 

There are many industries that could benefit from work truck rentals that may not even have considered this option. Any industry that relies on field work, hauling, moving, or pulling trailers, particularly on a short-term or project basis, should evaluate work truck rentals. Here are some industries that occasionally need work trucks, but may not have considered the rental option: 

Environmental Industry

Renting work trucks can be great for an environmental firm’s bottom line. Trucks are periodically needed out in the field for solid waste management, environmental engineering, wastewater management, and other renewable energy applications. Teams can select the right type of truck for the work they have on-hand. For contract projects that may only take a few months to complete, it makes sense to rent rather than buy a truck that will sit idle until the next project starts. 


Ranching requires vehicles that can travel the sometimes tough terrain and haul heavy equipment. If the ranch in question is a big operation, it might make the most sense fiscally to own a couple of trucks but rent out the rest. This way, you’ll always have new models available and can return them or swap them out as needed. 

Parks Departments

Depending on the area, any parks or forestry department’s needs often rely on the season. You might need more trucks going out for planting, beautification, and general maintenance in May than in January. If that’s the case, you can save taxpayer money by renting the extra trucks you need during peak months and maintaining a smaller fleet throughout the year.


Pipeline work is crucial to many industries in the United States as these networks deliver the necessary oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel we use every day. Pipeline projects can run anywhere from a couple weeks to over a year. That kind of work is a perfect fit for truck rentals. 

Sometimes the weather and politics can get in the way of pipeline work, leaving purchased trucks sitting by until needed. This won’t be the case with rental trucks—you can simply return them and re-rent them when the project resumes.


Solar and wind power industries are growing. Some projects can pause before they even begin. This can leave many trucks unused for an extended period. These industries and others can avoid the money wasted in these situations by renting their trucks. 

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