Proper management leads to the best possible results. If you’re trying to figure out ways you can change and be better at managing your fleet truck rentals from Barco, we’ve got some suggestions and tips for you. 

What is Fleet Management?

Let’s first define exactly what fleet management is. The concept can look slightly different for different businesses, but the core ideas tend to be similar. If you’re in charge of managing your fleet of Barco trucks, you might be doing any number of the following:

  • Safety and accident management
  • Purchasing of vehicles, titles, and licenses (after your lease is up)
  • Fuel management
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance monitoring and purchasing
  • Asset management
  • Route planning/optimization

Whether you manage all of the above or just several items along those same lines, you’re a fleet manager. And that comes with a lot of responsibility, as well as a great deal of moving pieces and various things to keep track of. Maybe you don’t actually have a system in place for taking care of these important tasks. Our tips and suggestions will be a good place to start.

Fleet Truck Management Tips

Take a look at how we suggest you alter or focus your efforts in this list of Barco truck fleet management tips. 

Find a Fleet Manager

The first and most important step will be to hire a fleet manager, if you don’t already have one. This position is important enough that it shouldn’t be lumped in with other duties. Find someone who can handle the responsibilities and onboard them as thoroughly and quickly as possible. The sooner they can get started managing the fleet, the better off the company will be. 

Establish Clear Communication

After finding, hiring, and training your fleet manager, be sure to schedule regular meetings. It will be important for the higher-up management positions in the company to touch base on how things are going. This will keep everyone informed and aware of important goings-on in the business. 

Invest in Training

Take some time to properly train your drivers. You need to know you can trust them to do their job correctly because you and the manager aren’t always going to be there to monitor them. Set clear driver safety rules and make sure your driving team knows them and puts them into practice. 

Architect man or male engineer work on digital tablet with blue print and laptop computer on the desk at office.

Utilize Technology

We live in a technologically advancing world. Make use of that technology in your fleet truck management by recording and keeping track of data wherever possible. Analysis of that data can lead to money-saving changes, as well as pinpointing problems that need to be addressed. 

When it comes to fleet management software, you have quite a few options. Finding the best for you and your business should be fairly simple. 

Keep a Record 

The data you collect won’t be worth anything if it isn’t put to good use. A good fleet manager will monitor and record all incoming data so that trends can be identified and policies can be updated in the name of efficiency and productivity.  

Make Changes as Necessary

Good Barco fleet truck management makes changes where necessary. It might make sense to take action when it comes to: 

  • How you operate
  • Your hours of operation
  • The amount you’re spending on fuel
  • The number of trucks in your fleet

Implementing needed changes can help keep the company on track and successful. 

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