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Upfitting Permitted On Your Rented Truck Fleet


Barco allows you to outfit your 4X4 truck rentals as needed. We allow our renters to add their company’s logo, toolbox, ladder rack, fuel storage tank, brush guard, running boards, etc. Our only disclaimer is that your upfits don’t damage the truck, and that you make sure to keep your modifications when the rental is complete – so take them off so you can both use them on your next rental! Sometimes the job has specific requirements, and we understand that. Rent from Barco and use your pickup truck rentals to get the job done. Just ask one of our Rental Agents for ideas and specifics!

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7 Tips for Planning Your Work Truck Upfit

  1. Plan Ahead
        Consider the various requirements of your job. Take inventory of the equipment and tools to be used. Try to separate the needs from the wants of your business. These initial steps can help establish a baseline budget and help to get everyone working efficiently. Planning early will ensure your work vehicle is prepared and ready to go before your busy season begins!


  2. Involve the people who will be using the truck
        One big mistake fleet managers make is not involving the actual end-user in the planning and discussions process. You should make every effort to involve the end-user in all upfitting discussions. After all, these are the people who know what tools they need and use the most. They also know how the equipment will allow them to perform their jobs efficiently. Ask drivers and technicians for detailed information on what job requirements they have on a daily basis. This will assist you and your upfitter designing the package to provide the tools and equipment necessary.


  3. Consider all options
        If a vendor is unaware of your upfitting requirements, getting the correct upfitted trucks could take costly time to get correct. This could add weeks or even months to the overall lead time. Be sure to consider all options at the time an order is placed and clearly identify the exact upfit you want. Vendors want to have the best fitting truck for their customers needs.


  4. Standardize where possible
        If possible, standardize your upfit package. Many fleets allow the use of too many specs or options. This allows for difficulty moving trucks from job site to job site because trucks are tailor for a specific job. Having standardized upfitted fleet will allow for easy of use of fleet trucks for multiple jobs and projects.
  5. Understand operational requirements
        Always keep in mind the surroundings and performance needs of your fleet. Keep in mind usage, terrain, weather, annual mileage, maintenance, payload, and towing capacity. Certain rental trucks can be great for one job but not great for others. Don’t forget about key requirements for trucks that are specific to your company’s needs. For example, if you are towing heavy machinery up steep grades look into renting a 3/4-Ton pickup truck instead of 1/2-ton pickup truck.
  6. Be Mindful of Repetition
            As your employees are working, what steps do they take at each job site? Do they reach for the same tools and equipment? What do they need to access the most frequently used tools? Considering these things can provide some helpful information when planning the most effective configuration to upfit your truck. Standardizing a layout in your truck can decrease inefficiencies, and in effect boost productivity throughout the day. For example, if a member of your crew has to use a truck that they normally don’t, it’s important they know where everything is without wasting time searching for what they are looking for.

    • Have realistic delivery expectations
            Consider realistic expectations when it comes to supply-chain capabilities. Order fleet trucks with time to ensure they arrive when expected. Meet with your team and discuss when fleet trucks will be needed for each project. Once timeline has been determined, call your vendor and place in order. Trucks can be order far in advance. Having ample time to receive trucks is key to stress less renting experience.


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