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All 4×4 Barco Trucks are Permitted to Tow

So you’ve weighed the options and realized that for your company, renting your work truck fleet is a much better deal than buying. Barco’s corporate fleet of rental trucks allows your business the flexibility of month to month pickup truck rentals nationwide. We keep it simple by offering new trucks, nationwide delivery & pickup, and no long-term contracts.

Now the question is which work trucks you really need. The best way to answer that is to figure out what you’ll be doing with the trucks so you can select the right models for your business. 

Can I Tow With a Barco Truck? 

If your business needs trucks that can tow, we have good news for you. Towing is permitted on every Barco truck. Every Barco 4X4 rental truck comes equipped with a tow package. You can hook up your trailer’s tow hitch to our towing equipped trucks. We offer multiple different tow limits (the weight amount the truck can safely pull) to suit all of your Barco Truck Towing needs. 

If you’re looking to tow a lighter load, our 1/2-Ton crew cab 4X4 pickup truck rentals may be just what you need. With a ½ ton truck, you can tow a trailer full of utility equipment like trenchers or compactors.  

For a heavier haul, take a look at our 3/4-Ton crew cab 4X4 diesel rental trucks and one-ton dually flatbed trucks equipped with a gooseneck hitch. Our 3/4-Ton and 1-Ton trucks are geared up and ready for towing with additional features like: an electric trailer brake controller, a rear receiver hitch, tow mirrors, and an exhaust brake. These powerful Barco trucks are made for towing big heavy loads like a small bulldozer, a backhoe, or a skid steer. 

The best part about renting with Barco is that you get the best quality trucks at an affordable price. Rather than having to buy new work trucks every year for your company fleet, Barco ensures that you always have the most reliable models available. Even better, because you’re renting, you no longer have to deal with the headache of maintenance.

Rent Barco Trucks

Towing with Barco Trucks is simple and easy. When you rent with Barco, you’ll have access to high-quality, powerful trucks for your work fleet at a fraction of the cost of buying. 

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Towing Features

transparent background, Ram 2500 pickup truck
3/4 Ton
transparent background, Ram 1500 pickup truck
1/2 Ton
Rear Receiver Hitch
Electric Brake Controller
Tow Mirrors
Exhaust Brake
This type of receiver hitch attaches to the rear of a tow vehicle, providing a standard receiver tube for hooking up and pulling a trailer.
A trailer brake controller is a small electronic device that is installed in your tow truck's cab and signals your trailer brakes when you apply your truck brakes, and causes the trailer to stop along with your truck.
A tow mirror is mounted on your side mirror and instantly adds 5 to 7 1/2" to your mirror, opening up the view behind your vehicle and minimizing blind spots. Tow mirrors are fully adjustable; they not only make your side mirror larger, but they pivot and rotate to give you the best view you need to see around that extra-large load.
Exhaust brakes slow light duty, diesel-powered vehicles quickly by closing off the exhaust path from the engine, causing the gases to be compressed in the exhaust manifold, and in the cylinder. Additionally, they prevent the brakes from overheating on downhill grades. Using your exhaust brakes properly can help brakes last up to three times longer
Gooseneck hitches are anchored through the bed of a pickup truck, unlike regular hitches that extend from the back of the towing vehicle. Gooseneck hitches use a hitch ball to lock into place, while fifth wheel hitches use a wheel-shaped plate to connect. Generally, you can attach a heavier trailer, and tow more with a gooseneck ball hitch than with a fifth-wheel attachment.


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