6 Ideas for Organizing Your Service Body Truck

When you have 1 ton truck rental with a service body, you can improve your workflow and day to day jobs by keeping things clean and organized. Here are a few tips:

  1. Get rid of items you don’t use.
    If you don’t use something, there’s no reason to keep it in the truck, wasting valuable space. Impractical odds and ends can accumulate. To best utilize space, conduct regular organizational sessions to get rid of items that don’t add value to your business. When you only carry the necessary items, you can maximize your performance on each job.
  2. Organize by usage frequency.
    In combination with the first idea, if you don’t use it, get rid of it (or put in in your warehouse). Make tools that are frequently used more accessible. Tools that are not used on a regular basis should be lock away in the back of your storage space or left at the shop until they are needed.
  3. Load your service truck strategically.
    To maximize efficiency in your work truck rental, load large equipment first, closest to the cab. Smaller items should be placed around larger items. It is always a good idea to have areas of space around items for easy access. Take time to load equipment properly and you can save space and organize based on priority.
  4. Use overlooked storage spaces.
    Service trucks have spaces that are often overlooked for storage space. If you need more space for smaller tools, you can get creative and utilize hidden spaces. Compact drawers and smaller tool cases are great ways to store items that may not have a place otherwise.
  5. Use swivel storage.
    You can maximize your available space with a swivel storage box. It can help you organize your space tremendously. They are also dust and dirt resistant, have low resistance, and operate simply.
  6. Utilize Pull-Out-Storage.
    With one or more drawers, pull-out-storage can help you utilize more space in your fleet truck. They come in various sizes with many storage options. They can house tiny nuts If and bolts that would otherwise be lost and hard to find. If you need larger compartments, there are also options for that.